Monday, June 04, 2007

Cute cousins Merik, Jaden, Channing, and Ainsley Nick, Jacie, Ainsley, Channing and baby #3 coming in August (I hope)


Jacie said...

It's time to add some of those cute pictures of the cousins at the pool the other day so I don't see my huge pregnant belly pop up first thing everytime I visit your blog:) Hope Grandmother is feeling better. Tell her we're thinking of her.

Annie and the Boys... said...

well hello family! i guess i get to pretend to be one of the cool kids now that i'm a blogger. now atleast i don't feel as left out! can i just say that it's a dang good think that your boys married such Hotties because they have made some amazingly beautiful children!Know that your loved, and now i can keep tabs on all of you!
Hay! check ours know the rest..