Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thanks for your help Nick

Nick and Jacie came up this weekend to help us lay 2500 square feet of sod and haul 25 tons of 1/4 minus to the back. I didn't get many pictures... we were grateful for the help and the visit.

When I'm not helping load wheelbarrows with top soil, or 1/4 minus, or trenching or planting or laying sod or my housewifely duties...I might be in my craft room sewing nursing covers or tote bags, or quilts. A few samples...


I put the same picture in twice . Here is the backyard now. We just have the new porch roof to do, the gazebo, fire pit, and vegetable garden, oh and to turn the roof of the old porch into a balcony. Should be done in a snap!

Before and After the Backyard in Progress