Sunday, September 30, 2007

Candice loves her nieces and nephews...and they love her too.

Donelle loves to make funny faces...and to get other people to do it too!

Alissa is so good with the babies. She organized a playdough party outside. She had great fun when she kept Ainsley and Channing on Monday. They did all kinds of fun stuff. See for yourself.
Grandma loves to hold Rand

And to read bedtime stories to everyone.
Smile, Rand

The water was cold...but Channing kept going back in. Finally Grandpa reminded him about his birthday cake at home. Poor guy was turning blue.
Rand gets his first manicure from Grandma Porter.

The grandbabies like playing with grandpa Porter.

Here are Nate, Kiera and Ainsley zoned in on the TV.

Kiera loves baby Rand and Chiago

Nap time
Our beautiful daughters with Baby Rand. The Grandpas with baby Rand
Ainsley and Channing. Ainsley is doing Nick and Nate's trick of looking up in a corner instead of at the photographer.Rand's blessing day September 23, 2007

Channing's Birthday and Rand's Blessing

Ainsley and Kiera lounging! I can just picture them in 15 years hanging out together.
Grandpa and the grandbabies going home from the pool.
Channing and his Choo Choo train birthday cake. He was so proud of this cake his Mommy made for him. Aunt Donelle and a wagon full of nieces and a nephew too!
Nick and Jacie with their sweet family.